Wedding Announcements

Announcements run in the Life section on Mondays. Forms and photographs must be submitted electronically or in person to Customer Service by 5 p.m. Monday for inclusion in the following Monday's paper.

Your announcement may be proofed in the office or by fax or e-mail the Wednesday afternoon or Thursday prior to its publication date.

Click here for a printable version of this form.

Announcement size

Please select an announcement size from the following options.

Standard option is the very basic information about the wedding and the bridal couple.
Upgraded option adds the names of the attendants as well as information on the reception, rehearsal dinner and other parties on the weekend of the wedding.
Premium option adds dress descriptions, honorary attendants, musicians and other helpers as well as pre-nuptial events. With this option, you can include other details, such as special jewelry, who cut the cake, song titles, etc.

Options that are longer than 20 inches will be charged extra ($18.00 per inch). We will let you know if this happens. If you choose a 2-column photo, you are also allowed an extra 5 inches of copy. For reference, the wedding in our premium option in the online example is 21 inches.

Photo size

All options include a 1 column black and white photograph. Would you like to upgrade your photograph for an additional charge?

About you (not for publication)